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The L/R CASSETTE PACK is produced as a special project with Öm-Zehn, a sound artist and synth designer whose equipment has been used been used by noted composer Alva Noto amongst others.

Öm-Zehn describes his process, “to make the tapes, I worked on two tracks and then split them, working just on drums and the synths so they would work in their own right if played solo. I used a customised version of the open source software Sonic-Pi to do the composition and Reason for the synths and samplers then recorded each as a live take using an outboard mixer to do the arrangement.”

The music and technique follow multi cassette composing pioneered by sound artist Conrad Schnitzler in 1980’s, "he recorded parts of songs separately and would record one whilst listening to the other he had made previously, these would then be presented on two tape players in a space where you must press the buttons at the same time to hear the complete work”.

A synth track is presented on the LEFT (blue) tape and a drum track on the RIGHT (red). The tracks have been produced to play simultaneously through separate cassette players with volume adjusted to preference for an interactive stereo experience.

Photographer Oscar Foster Kane showcases the cassettes by re-imagining Schnitzler’s live performances.

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